Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oil Benefits

Every plant, shrub, herb, tree, flower, and fruit on this planet contain therapeutic properties. Scientists have worked diligently for the last century to find out what those properties are and how they can be copied and extracted to fight disease and promote good health.

With essential oils unique healing and therapeutic benefits, many traditional hospitals and health practitioners are seeing the value they provide. They are using essential oils for the treatment of mental wellness, sleep problems, energy-boosting and managing pain, among others ailments. 

Many of the uses for essential oils include skin conditions such as burns, cuts, and scrapes as well as, the therapeutic benefit it provides to deep chronic muscle pain when massaged into the skin.

In addition to using essential oils, they carry with them a low risk of drowsiness, or slowed reaction times, and increasing dependency that can lead to addiction and other even more serious side effects that are frequently cited with use of pharmaceutical medications like opioids.

We can thank our ancestors for using these plants for thousands of years and now we can get the same healing and therapy they got from using essential oils.