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Liquid Gold Oil & Hemp CBD Lotion

Our products containing USA Grown Premium Hemp CBD alongside a special combination of scientifically balanced organic plant-based ingredients are designed to help ease soreness, headaches, muscle cramps, joint tension, and more.



CBD is just one of over 110 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. These compounds are messengers providing their own health-promoting benefits carrying a variety of health advantages.*

HEMP compounds play key rolls in normal immune and central nervous system functioning.*




Just like all other products, NOT all CBD products are made from the same genetics (ingredients).

We take pride in offering the highest quality organically grown Hemp CBD Wellness products on the market.

Experience The Difference

Testimonials from fans of IMPACT CBD

As an ex-college athlete, now in my 40’s, staying active is a way of life that supports stress management and my overall mental well-being. Using Impact Premium CBD Pain Lotion allows me to hit the basketball courts, lift weights, and stay in-shape. I use the product after every workout, especially over my old injuries (ACL and Achilles surgeries)  and notice reduced muscle and joint pain and faster recovery. I get a good night sleep, my body feels replenished and pain doesn’t keep me from staying in motion.

John K. ~Attorney

Four years ago, from an active lifestyle, I herniated a disc between my L4/L5 vertebrae. I spent a few years seeking alternative treatments to surgery (acupuncture, pilates, physical therapy, deep tissue massage). While these remedies provided temporary relief, I wasn’t achieving long-term healing and I needed a routine I could commit to from home. Along this journey (about a year ago) I was introduced to Impact Premium Lotion -- it’s become part of my nightly ritual along with core strength exercises and stretching. I wake up feeling rested, my muscles and back are at ease, and it’s completely restored my ability to be active daily. 

Natalie K. ~ Healthcare Consultant

I tend to clench my teeth unknowingly throughout the day especially when I’m feeling stressed or focusing on something. On top of that, I also grind my teeth at night to the point where I need a mouth guard. This leaves my jaws in constant pain. I decided to try the Impact CBD oil on my jaws in the evening and it alleviates the soreness and helps give me a good night’s sleep on top of that.

I’m happy to have found a product that not only alleviates my husband’s lower back pain but also takes away my jaw pain.

Chris C. ~ Working Mama

“Juggling a demanding career and a family of 5 drove my blood pressure up significantly. Once I started 1000mg of Impact Hemp oil I saw a dramatic decrease in my blood pressure and it has remained that way for a long time now.

I can’t live without this product!”

Natalie K. ~ Senior Executive

“I literally don’t travel without this in my overnight bag.”

Kim T, ~ Working mom

For the past couple of years I’ve been experiencing pain in my arm from carpal tunnel. I’ve tried so many different products that give me some pain relief eventually... But since I started using Liquid Gold, I’m instantly relieved of any discomfort for hours on end.

Frank D. ~ Barber

"I started using Ricky Watters' Liquid Gold Pain Oil at the urging of my husband, and it's been a game-changer for me. I used to do Muay Thai and thus am no stranger to pain. When applying the CBD oil, I get a tingly, cooling, and then warming sensation so I know it is working its magic and very quickly my problem areas feel so much better. 

I can't wait to try their whole line of products. The care and time they put into crafting and producing this CBD oil is apparent and appreciated!"

Lily P. ~ Mom, and Educator

I am a carpenter, a life-long cyclist, and am generally athletic but injury has made freedom of mobility an issue. I've gotten some relief from THC however, the high from THC is not always compatible with my day-to-day responsibilities. 

It was one of those days when I needed to focus yet I was looking for relief when I came across Impact CBD oil. After generously rolling the oil, I immediately felt a wave of penetrating warmth and I noticed my neck and shoulders became increasingly relaxed and the movement of my head became less strained.

Now I use Impact regularly for continued relief from sore muscles and body discomfort. I turned my wife onto Impact for her aches and pains and now when she uses it, I smell the essential oils and my mind goes straight to the thought of relief.

Jason S. ~ Carpenter

Customer testimonies are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert medical care. Testimonies are by actual customers and represent their individual opinions. These opinions are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other customers.