IMPACT WELLNESS was founded by retired NFL running back Ricky Watters, Michael Jones the founder of Hemp Life Global, and sports attorney Catherina (Cat) Watters with a shared vision of providing a better, more holistic approach to managing pain, anxiety, and depression using all-natural, organic CBD products, medical grade essential oils, and Ancient  Ayurveda herbs as an alternative to narcotics, opioids, and prescription medications that can often cause more harm than good.

Michael formed Hemp Life Global initially as a CBD product developer to help veterans suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and children with chronic disease by offering CBD and medical cannabis as a safer, more effective treatment option. He experienced first-hand the addictive nature of opiates, and how effective medical-grade CBD could be as a better option for pain management while recovering from injuries incurred from a car accident that resulted in a 3 level fusion in his neck.

Cat practices law in the San Francisco Bay Area, representing NFL players in disability claims, navigating various legal issues, and transitioning from life on the field to life after football. Most people are not aware of the challenges involved after an athlete leaves the game in terms of debilitating injuries and the effects of these injuries on their families. Cat also serves as an advisory board member of The Kevin Turner Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for ALS research, treatment and cure, and educating the public on its potential connection to brain trauma in athletes. 

Ricky played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks and Notre Dame before retiring from professional football in 2001. Ricky is a Super Bowl and National Champion and he was the first NFL running back to rush for more than 1,000 yards for three different teams and and was selected to the Pro Bowl 5 times. Like most players, life after football was painful for Ricky – injuries come back to haunt you as you get older, and your whole body is aching. As a result, you’re not the same person, physically or emotionally. Like Ricky, most turn to prescription medication and to manage their pain and mental stress.

Ricky and Cat wanted to explore other options, which began Ricky’s CBD journey to discovering its medicinal qualities and healing potential. This ultimately proved to be more beneficial for him physically and emotionally and motivated him to create his line of premium CBD products so he could help others.

They eventually joined forces with Michael and together developed IMPACT By Ricky Watters athlete strength CBD oils and lotions with a shared vision of helping professional athletes, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone else involved in active lifestyles to recover from their injuries and to regain and maintain their physical and mental health as part of a daily regimen through all-natural, custom plant-based medicine.
Ricky’s CBD Journey

Ricky "Running" Watters is known as one of the toughest players in the NFL due to his tireless work ethic and physicality on the field. As a running back, he played one of the most short-lived positions due to the physical hits that come with the job. Ricky was an outlier, rushing for over a thousand yards for three different franchises, the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Seattle Seahawks. He amassed over 10,000 yards rushing and 4,891 yards receiving, earning top accolades, including Pro Bowls, All-Madden, and All-Pro teams. His competitive nature, will to win at all costs, and true love for the game were a perfect fit for the "culture" of football.

When Ricky achieved the benchmark of over 100 consecutive starts for a running back, setting a record right behind the late great Walter Payton, he had no idea all those injuries would impact him for the rest of his life. During his era, players didn't get concussions (in other words, they weren't called concussions). Players got their "bell rung" or got "dinged" when they were knocked out. This generation of players used smelling salts to get back in the game after not knowing their own names. Players suffered hundreds if not thousands of blows to the head, which would lead to significant consequences on their brain health. Like many of Ricky's teammates, he left the sport with permanent bodily injuries, severe pain, and neurological symptoms such as anxiety and short-term memory loss.

In 2014 when he received his medical marijuana card in CA, it appeared to be a step in the right direction and a much healthier alternative to opioids, a conventional treatment for years. However, he realized it was still not quite the answer. Medical marijuana provided some relief but came with some drawbacks.

When Ricky was first introduced to CBD products for pain and anxiety, he was intrigued and spent over a year researching CBD and the technology and science behind it. He learned about the different cannabinoids in the hemp plant and the difference between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Isolates. He and Michael created and tested countless formulas until they ultimately develop his signature line of all-natural, premium quality, athlete strength CBD formulas, and founded IMPACT WELLNESS with his wife Cat and Michael Jones as partners.

His passion for being the best has led him on a personal mission to make the highest quality CBD products available to those who are suffering from mental and physical injuries sustained from athletics and professional sports.

Everyone deserves relief.